Welcome … 2022

My site, german.universalem.org, is slowly undergoing renovation.

I created this site back around 2011 when I was teaching at the University of Alabama, and needed a centralized gateway to / landing pad for my various course websites.

Then for several years the site laid dormant, as I was not teaching. In 2016 I returned to teaching German, this time at the Deutsche Schule Rochester or DSR, and I used this domain for hosting new course websites, but the format of the school did not align with my previous use of this site for course material. I used it through 2019, and consider those years a failed experiment of sorts.

I returned to teaching at the DSR in the fall of 2022. I do not know what this site will end up looking like once I’m done with it (if I’m ever done with it), but for now it will be a place to “dump” documents and reading materials. None of the links should be considered permanent; they are transitory and functional at this time, and nothing more.

No new user accounts are being accepted this time; most existing accounts will be purged in the near future.

The Management