Ger·ma·ni·a  (jr-mn, -mny)

1. An ancient region of central Europe north of the Danube and east of the Rhine. It was never under Roman control.
2. A part of the Roman Empire west of the Rhine River corresponding to present-day northeast France and sections of Belgium and the Netherlands.

This is the ‘About’ page for ‘Magna Germania’ (german.universalem.org). Magna Germania is:

  • a hub for Steve Krause’s (German) course websites
  • a locus for short essays on German culture, literature, and language
  • a site for German-themed blog posts


Students: Students in my courses should (and in some courses must) register for accounts. As a student, you will be placed in the correct course(s) and have “Author” privileges there (ability to comment as well as submit and edit your own posts).

Colleagues: If you are a German (and/or language/literature) instructor and would like to (a) contribute to the main site (german.universalem.org) or run your own blog as a sub-site here at unviversalem, [1] register for an account and [2] send me an email/message, and I might be able to get you set up!

Enthusiasts: If you an enthusiast of/for German language or literature (or any other topic covered here), feel free to register for a free account so that you can (a) post comments more easily (or at all!) and (b) manage your profile.

You’re welcome to browse any pages available to you. Some sites are or will be archived (especially courses that were completed a semester or more in the past) and receive no new updates. Not all posts or pages allow comments. Due to the need to filter spam, unregistered users will usually have their comments held for moderation.

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