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GN 265: Essay #1 (Fontane, Schnitzler, Mann)

Choose one of the following topics and write an 800-1000 word essay. All essays should be fundamentally “analytic” for this assignment: the task is to ‘take apart’ or ‘break down’ larger texts or passages and use the ‘parts’ to support a larger argument.

Due: Abstract – March 1 [1 paragraph; submitted below as comments to this story]; Essay – March 8
Length: 800–1000 Words (min/max) Continue reading

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Effi Briest #4: The Affair

There evidently exists — or existed — a friendly, ongoing debate between two unnamed German faculty members about the extent of Effi’s infidelity or, better yet, what she exactly did with Major Crampas. Indelicately: did they sleep together? The English … Continue reading

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