Hausaufgaben für den 10. Februar

Liebe Schüler / Schülerinnen:

for the 10th of February the homework is as follows:

  1. Complete the HW for the 3rd of February (complete your description of the Dix or Klimt painting, and post to its own entry)
  2. Kapitel 11 – “Anlauftext” – in-class we prepped the sights in Berlin; now listen to the Kapitel 11 Anlauftext between Anna and her her Uncle; the audio file is available online. Some helpful vocabulary for the text can be found here.
  3. Make sure you have (a) a Duolingo account, (b) that you are enrolled in German, and that (c) you send along to me as a comment to this post (d) your current number of XP in German, current streak, and the last / highest topic you can currently do activities in; then (e) your goal for the week is to accumulate at least 50 new XP and complete 1-2 topics. If you are starting fresh, try testing out of a few checkpoints …

As reference you may wish to see:

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