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Hausaufgaben für den 3. Februar 2018 – ein Bild beschreiben

Liebe Schüler!

Here you will find two pictures, one from Otto Dix, one from Gustav Klimt.

The first is Otto Dix’s portrait of journalist Sylvia von Harden. A great page about Dix is from Daily Art Daily (note: contains multiple artistic nudes). The painting by Klimt is titled “Death and Life“.


As we did in class with the pictures of Hiddensee, you want to describe what you see in the picture, not necessary interpret it.

A. Sam: If you have a chance to do this, focus on at least one good paragraph of description; I recommend the Dix painting. Focus on short descriptive sentences and the vocabulary in Kapitel Eins of Vorsprung (colors, body shapes, etc.)

B. Alice & Abby & Adriano: up to three paragraphs, going from very concrete toward potential interpretation, focus on: (1) using compound sentences (conjunctions, both coordinating (und, oder, aber) and subordinating (dass, weil …)), (2) prepositions (mainly dative, e.g. aus, auf der … Seite, zwischen, ueber …, etc.), and (3) adjectives / adjective endings.

C. I’ll provide an example by way of the painting of “Hiddensee” we looked at toward the end of class on January 27th; I’ll post it as a comment to this post.

D. Process:

  1. Once you’re signed into the site with your account
  2. Click on “+ New” at the top of the screen and select a new Post
  3. Title it “Beschreibung von [picture title]”, where [picture title] is the title of the painting you’re describing.
  4. Do a 1-3 paragraph description in German (do not translate from English!), starting with, for example, the shape of the picture, the shapes within the picture, their colors, etc. Move then do describing objects and their placement. Use directional words (e.g. links, rechts, but also oben, unten, zwischen, etc., and vor and hinter). Use prepositions (generally in the dative!) to describe the relation between objects.
  5. You can use the “Add Media” link when writing the post to include a copy of the painting from this sites media library. Once complete just click the Post/Publish link toward the upper right of the post you’re writing. You can always edit it!

Bild 1: Otto Dix

Bild 2: Gustav Klimt




Leuchtturn Dornbusch, Hiddensee (von Richard Kunicki)
Leuchtturn Dornbusch, Hiddensee (von Richard Kunicki)